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Trinkety Paws

Waterproof BioThane Dog Lead - Royal Blue Slim

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Trinkety Paws waterproof BioThane Dog Lead.

120cm long Waterproof BioThane® Dog Lead.

 Our Leads are made from genuine waterproof BioThane® material, which is easy to wipe clean, stays odour-resistant and is the ideal material for active dogs of all sizes. BioThane© is the most superior quality waterproof webbing with a longer lifetime, softer feel and more durable ability than any other competing waterproof materials on the market.

products are designed and made by us in the UK

- High Quality and an eye-catching designs to fit every size pooch

- Vegan and manufactured with a low carbon footprint

- Great for every weather with easy wipe clean material

- Strong but soft and flexible material with a breaking strength of around 280kg.


The BioThane© Leads in this set are 120cm (4ft) in length and all have a fixed D-Ring in the Handle Loop to attach Poop Bags or other Accessories. Our Leads come in 16mm width, which is ideal for our XS and S size collars and in our regular 19mm material width, which is great for collars in sizes M, L or XL.

Slim Leads: 16mm wide BioThane© webbing (breaking load 280kg) with a 66mm Trigger Clasp (breaking load 166kg).

Regular Leads: 19mm wide BioThane© webbing (breaking load 340kg) with a 76mm Trigger Clasp (breaking load 200kg)