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Raw food, Dry Dog Food, Doggy & Matching Human Hoodies, Harnesses, Treats, Toys & Accessories.

Our shop is based at Manor Farm, Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire, HP22 4RB. We also have an Aylesbury collection point at Pegasus Gym, HP20 1QR.

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  • Meet Narley

    Narley is a 10week Dachshund thoroughly enjoying our puppy range.

  • Meet Willow

    Willow is an 8 Month old French Bulldog who licks her bowl clean every single time after eating our Adult Chicken range.

  • Meet Meeko

    Meeko can’t wait for dinner time. He has turned his nose up at the rest but has finally found a brand he enjoys.

What Are The Benefits Of Raw?!

Cleaner Teeth: Fresh ingredients that promote optimal oral health

Better Digestion: Biologically appropriate foods are digested efficiently for high nutrient absorption.

Less Waste: Better digestion and the exclusion of any fillers results in firmer, smaller stools.

Coat and Allergy Benefits: Softer, shinier and very silky in just a few weeks.

An Eating Experience: Feeding raw meaty bones exercises the jaw, neck, forearms and shoulders and releases endorphins.

Happy Vets: Nutrition is the cornerstone to health and vitality.

How Much Should I Feed My...

Puppy: At 6 weeks, you can start introducing raw puppy food which is very fine and a simple, bland food. By the time they reach 4 months, you can start introducing the adult formulas.


Puppy Feeding GuidelinesDog WeightPuppy Feeding (4-8%) Daily Recommendation

5kg 200 - 300g

10kg 400 - 600g

15kg 600 - 900g

20kg 800 - 1200g

25kg 1000 - 1500g

30kg 1200 - 1800g

35kg 1400 - 2100g

40kg 1600 - 2400g

Dog: Adult dogs are a lot easier to cater for. Nutriment’s enhanced raw formula meets the energy needs of all breeds of dog, offering highly digestible, flavourful and energy dense nourishment full of essential amino acids, vitamins and dietary macronutrients. Feeding your dog the correct amount of food is vital to their weight and overall health.


Adult Dog Feeding GuidelinesDog WeightAdult Dog Feeding (2-4%) Daily Recommendation

5kg 100 - 150g

10kg 200 - 300g

15kg 300 - 450g

20kg 400 - 600g

25kg 500 - 750g

30kg 600 - 900g

35kg 700 - 1050g

40kg 800 -1200g