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Pegasus Unique Pets Raw

Unique Raw Beef 5% Complete

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Our single protein beef recipe only contains 5% bone for the dogs who find 10% too much.

Beef Meat 75%, Beef Heart 10%, Beef Liver 5%, Beef Kidney 5%, Beef Bone 5%

We have developed our own brand, Unique Raw, to address some specific issues which we are hearing from our customers in store. We follow the 80/10/10 approach and do not add vegetables, herbs or any supplements to our food so that it is suitable for all dogs. Some of our recipes contain only 5% bone for the dogs who find 10% too much, while other recipes contain up to 20% bone for dogs who can tolerate a higher level, and we also have a bone-free mince which can be added to complete meals. We offer a number of chicken-free options, as that is the most common protein allergy for dogs, and our recipes contain 10% heart so they are suitable for cats as well.