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Prodog Raw

Prodog Three Bird Mince 80/10/10 Raw Dog Food Chub

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Our Core turkey and duck dog food meal with chicken is a Three Bird treat. This raw meal option sets a new standard for economy raw dog food. An appetising blend of fresh British chicken, turkey and duck meat, bone and beef liver and kidney. Supercharged with 5g per 500g ProDog’s premium vitamin and mineral rich ‘Boost’ supplement.

Optimal nutrition on a budget

ProDog Raw’s Boost adds powerful dietary reinforcement. We only use nature’s finest ingredients in our Boost dog supplement, all specially selected to provide complete nutritional spectrum support in a dog-friendly bioavailable form.

Combined with our economy core recipe, Boost adds an abundance of nutrients not found in meat and offal alone— thereby bridging the gap between pure meat raw dog food and complete recipe meals in a cost-effective way. This supplementary blend provides additional enrichment to assist all essential systems and functions, including the body’s natural detoxification processes, immune function, digestion and energy levels.

Compromise in the correct places

Stripped back to the core essentials, our economy range provides cost efficient 

canine-cuisine. Wrapped in minimal packaging, this handy chub means you can conserve cost without compromise.

Suitable for all dogs 24 weeks+

Convenience and Ease

Simply defrost, unwrap and serve. A delicious, species-appropriate dogs’ dinner  guaranteed to deliver mealtime delight whilst fuelling healthy development. If you want to bolster this range even more, simply add in veggies, fruits or other supplements as toppers to suit your dog’s requirements. 

Available in 450g size chubs

Nutritional Analysis

ProDog Economy Core Three Bird Mince raw food, provides foundational nutrition in every meal.


  • 40% British Chicken Meat and Ground Bone
  • 30% British Turkey Meat and Ground Bone
  • 19% British Duck Meat with Ground Bone
  • 5% Beef liver
  • 5% Beef Kidney
  • 1% Boost

Nutritional Analysis (% or / kg) –


Moisture 69%, Protein 17.7%, Total Fat 7.86%, Ash 4.38%, Crude Fibre 1.41%

Mineral Content

Calcium 1.9 % Phosphorus 1.06%


Good to Know

  • Moisture – the natural presence found in the ingredients
  • Protein – are biological molecules consisting of one or more amino acid chains
  • Fat – includes all fats: saturated fats, trans fats, and the unsaturated fats, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated
  • Ash (inorganic matter) – the inorganic residue remaining after the water and organic matter have been removed. [Ash is left over after analysis of the food. We do not add fire-ash to our products]
  • Fibre – the term given to the soluble and insoluble plant-based part of the food