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Pegasus Unique Pets (PUP’S)

Naked Pure Lamb

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Naked Dog Pure Lamb

Why is Pure Dog Food a Good Choice for Your Dog?

Naked Dog meals meet the Fediaf guidelines and thus we can trade legally letting you know on labels that our food is Complete and Balanced.
The exception would be our Pure range. These meat-only meals do not meet the Fediaf guidelines, so to provide these wonderfully nourishing meals to your dogs, they need to be labeled as Complementary. At Naked Dog we have been committed to you, all and ensured our meals meet the Complete guidelines through fresh, whole foods alone. No nutrients have been artificially supplemented.

A dog might have a much stronger digestive system compared to a human but they can still be sensitive to what they consume. This is especially true for puppies. Dogs have different dietary requirements when it comes to their age as well as their activity level so you should be very mindful when you are selecting the right dog food for your dog.

A pet is like a member of the family so you would be and as with a baby you would want to give it the best available nourishment. The issue is you might be overwhelmed by the various different dog food varieties and dog food brands available in the market. You will be at a loss on what would be the best for your dog. It will be easy to get hooked on something cheaper but ultimately not good enough for your pooch. We are trying to alleviate those doubts in your mind with this article.