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Naked Dog

Naked Dog Pure Wild Boar 2 x 500g

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Pure Wild Boar

A single protein blend of Wild Boar Meat with Boar Heart, Liver & Kidney. Aimed at 10% Bone.

A tasty meat and a little something different for your dog to try in their weekly menus. Another good source of minerals and B vitamins

This recipe is single protein and is formulated to be the well-known type of raw food called 80-10-10. Wild Boar muscle meat/carcass with 10% offal added.
Wild Boar is a unique protein, and is a very lean protein. It is well blended so both Adult and Pups can eat this food.


Wild Boar (with bone) 80%, Boar Heart, Boar Liver, Boar Kidney.


Moisture 65.4%, Crude Protein 18.1%, Crude Fat 11.3%, Crude Ash 5.4%, Crude Fibre 0.8%