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Pegasus Unique Pets (PUP’S)

Naked Pure Beef

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A single protein blend of Beef Meat with Beef Heart, Kidney & Liver. Aimed at 10% Bone, as with all our Pure range.

This wholesome Beef is rich in Iron, B12 Zinc, and protein goodness.


This recipe is created as the well-known type of raw food 80-10-10. Beef muscle meat/carcass with 10% offal added.
It is blended well so both Adults and Pups can eat this food.
Our Pure range contains no vegetables or phyto-nutrition, meaning you will need to add these to ensure your dog receives everything they need. These foods are thus not Complete and are instead Complimentary.
What do you need to add to it? We have developed The Answer supplement for exactly that question. By adding 2gms per 100gm of your dog's food you will then have a Complete and Balanced meal with entirely bio-available wholefoods.
All of our packaging can be Recycled in your home recycling collections.