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Marly and Dan Soft and Chewy dog bites Senior 100g

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50% Salmon.

This natural snack has been formulated to provide senior pets with a perfect supplement against cellular ageing by combining the benefits of essential salmon fatty acids with the positive effects of vegetable-derived antioxidants.

Rich in salmon, an excellent source of proteins, omega-3 and nutrients. This delicious treat supports your dog’s fitness and helps to maintain beautiful skin and fur.

Free from flavourings, colours and artificial preservatives. No added sugar. Grain-free.

Key features:

3 in 1 Benefits Natural Ingredients

  • Helps fight against cellular ageing
  • Helps to maintain a healthy immune system
  • Healthy skin and a shiny coat

Package size: 100g.

Salmon pulp (50%), coconut flour (14.34% dried coconut, equivalent to 22.2% coconut), sweet potato powder (14.24% dried sweet potato, equivalent to 55.5% sweet potato), glycerine, broccoli powder (1.97% dried broccoli, equivalent to 23.6% broccoli), carrot powder (1.97% dried carrots, equivalent to 26.4% carrots), kale powder ( 1.97% dried kale, equivalent to 20.1% kale), pumpkin powder puree (1.97% dried pumpkin, equivalent to 21.1% pumpkin), spinach powder (1.97% dried spinach, equivalent to 21.8% spinach), apple cider vinegar powder (0.98% dehydrated vinegar, equivalent to 14.2% cider vinegar).

Crude protein 17.24%, crude oils and fats 20.25%, moisture 15%, crude ash 4.17%, crude fibre 4.74%.


  • Up to 12kg (3 snacks)
  • 12kg – 25kg (6 snacks)
  • 25kg and over (9 snacks)

Should not account for more than 10% of your dog’s daily food intake. Make sure your dog always has fresh water available.

Suitability: Complementary snack for dogs of all sizes from 6 months old.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place, before and after opening. Reseal after opening.